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BOREALIS: FOR A BETTER FEELING. BRINGING YOU AND OUR ENVIRONMENT FURTHER FORWARD, COMFORTABLY, WITH AN ELECTRIC, COMPACT, RELIABLE SYSTEM From design to development of Borealis, the AURORA Group achieved an innovative vision which prioritized both solving energy-efficiency and creating an effective system to unleash optimal comfort and safety for users. As unique as the northern lights constituting its namesake and proving to become the most efficient emission- free heat source specially-developed for electric buses on the market, Borealis is a mobile heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning system solution — unlike any other to date. Featuring a modular design, Borealis’ heat transfer stimulates comfort, encompassing every vehicle compartment. With RIGA on the roof, Puma inside the side-walls, Teddy guarding the entrance and rear, and a front-box for the driver, each module continuously interplays in-sync to maintain thermal excellence and keep users free from harsh exterior environments, thanks to custom software focusing on the Internet-of-Things and developed in-house. Now, with Battery Temperature Control, even battery overheat no longer poses a threat to the drivability or performance of any electric bus. Resulting from a technology which recycles waste heat, the Coefficient-of-Performance of Borealis significantly outclasses all its competition. While traditional heating systems function solely between 5°C and 35°C and are reliant upon an additional combustion heater, Borealis now surpasses expectations of the past and present to function wonderfully across a wider range of temperatures, from -15°C to +45°C with a refrigerant option for 0° - 55°. Ultimately, Borealis takes drivers and passengers farther and to wherever journeys lead — regardless of exterior climates. Why Borealis?

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Borealis is not only another H.V.A.C. system. Instead, Borealis proves Aurora’s ‘Passion for Thermal Comfort’™ as well as a longstanding commitment to care for the environment with sustainable solutions for us all.

3 Clear Advantages of the Borealis System include:

+ High energy-efficiency, even at low and high exterior temperatures, expands the length of battery life in correlation with the overall driving distance. + Flexible, modular system fits nearly any vehicle, including electric buses, and allows you to customize the layout whichever way you prefer together with guidance from Aurora’s team of designers and engineers. + Fully-electric function ensures compatibility across electric bus platforms.

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